Student who will be residents on campus are required to be on a meal plan. Students who are not on-campus residents may choose to be on a Commuter Meal Plan, if they wish!

Students who will become on-campus residents AND who are incoming first-year residents may choose one of the following meal plan tiers: Platinum, Gold, or Silver. Students who will become on-campus residents AND are considered upper-level residents may choose one of the following meal plan tiers: Platinum, Gold, Silver, or Bronze.

Students who live off campus may choose from any of our meal plan options, include our commuter plans.

Meal plan selections are made through the application process or with Resident Life. You may also contact Resident Life if you are having issues with selecting your meal plan at (210) 829-6034.

Each meal plan has a pre-determined amount of meal swipes for your student. Meal swipes start on Saturday each week and end on the following Friday. Your student is allowed one meal swipe per meal period in Campus Dining. Your student is able to use Dining Dollars if they have exhausted their allotted swipes for the week. Meal swipes expire on the last day of each semester and do not rollover. Meal Swipes are non-transferable.

No. Meal swipes are only used in Campus Dining located in the Student Engagement Center. Your student can use Dining Dollars to pay for food item purchases at all other dining locations.

DCB stands for Declining Balance. On campus, we know DCB as Dining Dollars or Points. Each plan has an allotted dollar amount that your student is able to spend at any dining facility on campus. Dining dollars are loaded onto your student’s UIW ID at the beginning of the semester and acts as a debit card.

Dining dollars are accepted at Campus Dining, Hortencia’s, Starbucks, Luciano’s, Virtual Dining, On-The-Spot Vending and any Sodexo sponsored events. To make a purchase, your student will swipe their student ID at the register to pay for their items. The payment will be deducted from their allotted dollar amount.

Unused Dining Dollars will rollover from Fall semester to Spring semester, if your student is enrolled. If your student graduates in the Fall or if they are not enrolled for the Spring semester, Dining Dollars will not rollover. Unused Dining Dollars expire on the last day of the semester.
Dining hours are posted at each dining location and on Sodexo’s website: In addition, we will post hours on our social media pages throughout the semester should hours change for inclement weather or holidays. You can find us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter using @uiweats
We offer breakfast at several locations: Campus Dining, Starbucks, and Chick-fil-A.
Campus Dining is open until 8 p.m. every night. Luciano’s and Virtual Dining are open until 10 p.m. most nights and both offer a full menu. To order from our Virtual Dining Kitchen, download the Everyday App in your phones app store, sign up for an account, link your meal plan and/or credit/debit card and select your meal.
Our menus are posted on our Sodexo UIW Dining page and on the Everyday App.
Yes. We offer several options for vegetarian and vegan diners in Campus Dining. These options can be found throughout Campus Dining. Additionally, vegan and vegetarian options are offered at our other dining locations. Ask one of our friendly employees to assist in the various options we offer.
Our pricing is very competitive to near by businesses. In fact, prices on-campus are usually the same as those you would find at an off-campus Starbucks, Chick-fil-A and Luciano’s. By choosing one of our on-campus dining locations, your student has the convenience of finding a close dining location within walking distance.
Occasionally, the Everyday App offers a discount to students for purchases made through the app. Promotions and Limited Time Offers are offered throughout the semester at our dining locations.
You can follow our social media pages for all promotions, LTOs, news, and more. Find us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok: @UIWeats