Plan Options

If would like to purchase a meal plan or if you would like to make a change to the plan you have already selected, please visit the UIW Business office located in the Administration building, or call (210) 829-6043.
All residents in campus housing are required to purchase a meal plan (Plans: Platinum, Gold, Bronze, Silver and Bronze). Meal plan options will be dependent on the building of residence. 

Platinum: $2,500 per semester

17 meals per week plus $550 DCB per semester


Gold: $2,400 per semester

16 meals per week plus $500 DCB per semester


Silver: $2,250 per semester

12 meals per week plus $650 DCB per semester


Bronze: $2,050 per semester

8 meals per week plus $825 DCB per semester


UIW Dining offers several voluntary meal plans options for off campus and commuter students. Off campus and commuter students have the option of choosing from our Commuter Plans (Plans Y and Z) or adding Dining Dollars to their student account for as low as $25. Students recieve a 10% discount with every dining dollar transaction. If you have questions about our meal plan offers, please contact the UIW Business office (210) 829-6043.

Commuter Plan Y: $275
5 meal passes plus $250 DCB

Commuter Plan Z: $550
10 meal passes plus $500 DCB

Faculty & staff enjoy a 10%-25% discount with dining points! To add dining points to your account, visit the UIW Business Office.

Running low on Meal Plan Dollars, Dining Dollars, or Dining Points? Add Dollars or Points to your account now! Simply visit the UIW Business Office to add funds!